Washing Detergents

Washing detergents
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Chemicals in washing detergents can make symptoms worse for people with eczema.  When a parent or caregiver is faced with a decision to find out an alternative for washing clothes, to help relieve symptoms of eczema for their children, there are many detergents to consider.

Traditional commercial washing detergents have been converted from anionic formulas to nonionic plant based formulas. The plant-based formulas are compounded from plant and animal fats, but it is difficult to try to differentiate between products.

What To Look For

It is recommended to read every label that promotes any type of soap product, or one that claims to be the best for an allergic individual. Many products are created for people with allergies and/or eczema. You should thoroughly view the labels because everyone has different allergies, and what might be bothersome to one person may not be the case for another person. Doing a basic internet search can yield a variety of tips for resources on washing detergents.

Types of Laundry Products

There are different types of laundry products that are geared towards washing clothes for young children and teenagers with eczema. These include:

  • Soap flakes - When using these, make sure the flakes are not derived from fragrance, chemicals, or dyes. Also, check to see if the flakes can be used in washing machines. Some flakes can only be used when hand washing items.
  • Pure soap can be found in natural health food stores.
  • Don't use a petroleum-based soap, because petroleum is a chemical and could irritate eczema.
  • Watch for soaps that are combined with different products, because of certain substances could aggravate the eczema and cause a potential flare-up.
  • Non-detergent washing powder is good for individuals with eczema.
  • Ecover and 7th Generation produce washing products that are safe for both eczema sufferers and the environment. Other eco-friendly products are available.
  • Castile-based soap products have been effective without causing any itching or rashes. Besides castile soaps, other natural based products, like Dr. Bronner's detergent, can be used for babies to adults.

Going Homemade

Sometimes, parents or caregivers may want to take a chance of making or creating homemade soap to introduce into their laundry routine. One website allows the recipes to be printed and downloaded, so those who are ready to experiment can start as soon as possible. Storage and usage tips are available on the website.

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