Soap Substitutes

There are many soap substitutes that people with eczema can use to control this skin disorder.

Regular soap can be drying to the skin, especially for children and teenagers with eczema, so what other alternatives can individuals with eczema use on their skin for that will not add to the misery of this condition?

Goats Milk

soap substitutes
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One alternative for soap substitution for individuals with eczema is referred to as goats milk soap. Although this alternative comes in a soap form, it is beneficial and helpful for the skin as well as a perfect substitute when treating eczema. Goats milk is easily absorbed into the skin, so there is no need for a huge slather to be put on the skin.  Gentle washing the skin from head to toe in goats milk will keep the skin moisturized and supple.

When it comes to soothing and protecting the skin for individuals with eczema, goats milk is the perfect choice because of the ingredients. The components of goats milk that are beneficial for individuals with eczema include:

  • Essential vitamins: Goats milk is chock full of vitamins A, B, C, D and E, which are vital to keeping the skin healthy.
  • Important balance of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA): Found in goats milk, AHA is a component that is present in products that are manufactured for skin, including those that exfoliate dead skin.
  • Glycerin: Known as a "humectant," which means keeping the balance of moisture in the skin, goats milk retains glycerin whereas commercial soaps draw out glycerin during the manufacturing process.
  • Mixture of other healthy oils: Goats milk can be mixed with olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, and sea salt, all which aid in moisturizing the skin.

Homemade vs Store Bought

Some people may enjoy the benefits of making and storing goats milk soap. The ingredients are relatively easy to purchase and most stores will provide information on how to make homemade soap. Purchasing goats milk soap is easy whether driving to the store or finding an online vendor. The price range for a bar of goats milk soap is about $5 to $7 dollars.

Since goats milk soap is made from natural or organic products, it is recommended to read the labels of soap substitutes to ensure there are no allergens that could be present. Eczema can flare-up when an individual is allergic to what is put into the soap.

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