Nummular Eczema

Nummular eczema is known by many different names, but the most common alternative is discoid dermatitis. While this condition most commonly appears on the legs, hands, and forearms, it is also seen on the trunk of the body.

When nummular eczema is present, the skin has large coin shaped rashes on it, which stand out from other types of eczema, making them easier to detect. Nummular eczema is long-term, and due to the severe itching that comes along with this, treatment needs to be utilized in order to get the condition under control.


Discoid dermatitis is not caused by an allergy, unlike other types, and it is not considered to be a genetic skin disease. The exact cause is unknown, but there are several factors that are said to increase the risk for developing this. These include:

  • An insect bite
  • Skin injury
  • Hepatitis C infection
  • Trauma to the skin


  • Patches on the skin - Large rashes appear in patches on the body. One patch may occur, or there may be several located in the area.
  • Itchy, dry skin - These patches are extremely itchy and dry, causing an uncomfortable feeling for those who have this form of eczema. According to patients, the itching is the worse at night.
  • Oozing - Seeping, weeping, and oozing of the area may occur if you do not get treatment and scratch the area with your fingers.
  • Well-defined lesions - The lesions often have well-defined edges, and sometimes, there may be a burning sensation.


The first method of treatment for nummular eczema is to identify the cause of the condition, and then seek treatment.

  • Antivenom medicines - If the condition has occurred due to an insect bite, it often means that your skin responded to the venom that the insect injected into the top skin layer. By using a medication that counteracts the venom, the condition will often get better, but more often than not, it will re-appear overtime.
  • Antibiotics - Sometimes antibiotics are used; however, with this type of eczema, the use of antibiotics is generally preserved for infection that occurs when you have scratched the area of inflammation.
  • Steroid creams - In order to treat the swelling and itchy sensation, a steroid cream will be prescribed to control these two symptoms.
  • Antihistamines - Sometimes an antihistamine will be used with the cream to control the itching.
  • Rehydration - The best method of treatment is to rehydrate the skin that has become inflamed. This is often done through the use of plain water to the hand, which will then be covered with a perfume-free lotion while it is still moist. The moisturizer will lock in the wetness, providing rehydration.

Practical Tips

In order to prevent discoid dermatitis, it is recommended that you create a cool and comfortable environment within your home. Dry air is a common cause of nummular eczema, so the use of a humidifier can effectively treat a current flare-up, while preventing the condition in the future.

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