Natural Moisturizers

To select a natural moisturizer, look for the product that provides a significant amount of protection from eczema and what can fit into your personal budget.

Eczema is characterized by itchy, dry skin, so it is important to keep the skin moisturized.  Moisturizers, available in stores or purchased online, can contain substances that can cause eczema to flare-up in children, teenagers, and young adults. 


When choosing a natural moisturizer, there are a few things to consider. These include:

  • Make sure the product is free of fragrance, chemicals, or dyes.
  • The product should be designed or created for eczema and not for other skin conditions.
  • Make sure the product will not cause an allergic reaction, such as hives or scratchy skin.

Price Point

Natural moisturizers that are designed to help or treat conditions can often be costly on the pocketbook.  If you determine that your skin maybe worth putting the extra dollars out to help it, there are several different products to choose from that will fit into your budget.  The products are:

  • TriDerma Eczema Fast Healing Cream: TriDerma is the most popular choice coming in at $12 for 2.2 oz tube. This product has received FDA approval, and boasts natural products like beeswax, aloe and multiple vitamins.
  • CeraVe Moisturizing Cream: For $18 a bottle, this cream boasts the ability to restore the balance and harmony in the skin. The main ingredient in this product is the ceramides, which are part of the skin's natural component.
  • Eucerin Calming Crème: Long-standing champion for eczema sufferers, this cream helps soothes flared skin quickly and effortlessly.
  • Also consider investigating eco-friendly products.

Lotion or Cream: What is the Best Choice?

When moisture is zapped away from eczema, the choice of using a lotion or cream is a personal preference. Many individuals prefer to use a lotion because it is easy to control how much is spread along the skin, and lotions can come in a tube or bottle form. As for creams, the texture tends to be a bit heavier than a lotion, and the product goes on thicker and spreads out quickly.

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