Itchy Rash

If you suffer from an itchy rash, how do you know if it's eczema? And what can you do about it?  A rash can be caused from a wide-variety of factors, and while a rash can be a short lived occurrence, it can sometimes take hold in the form of a skin condition.

Now eczema can be persistent and uncomfortable, determining if your condition is caused by eczema and getting the proper treatment will reduce the amount of flare-ups that you experience, and make the condition much easier to tolerate.

How to Determine if a Rash is Eczema

If you have a rash on your skin which appears to be dry, flaky, and itchy, you may have the condition called eczema. Sometimes it can be difficult to detect if the rash on your skin is this, or if it is due to coming in contact with some type of outside force that caused the rash to appear.

If the rash is caused by an outside factor, it may need a short period of treatment, and then it will clear up entirely. However, if the skin rash is caused by eczema, a different form of treatment will be needed. The treatment can help prevent flare-ups from occurring in the first place overtime.

Treatment used for Eczema

While everyone develops rashes when their skin comes in contact with irritants, some people have more of the cells that cause the flare-ups to occur.

If you come in contact with a laundry detergent that irritates the skin, and you do not have eczema, the rash will often disappear rather quickly. However, when you have eczema, the rash that occurs can cause an entire flare-up, which can spread to additional areas of the body and cause you to feel uncomfortable.
There are different treatments used for eczema, which include antihistamines and steroids. Both of these treatments, and others, can be provided to you orally, topically, or through an injection. The more effective treatment method will be determined by your physician, and your response.

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