Why Do I Provide Information
About Eczema?

So, why do I provide information about eczema? Simple. I have had several different types of eczema throughout my life and I know what its like to live with. 

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The condition was more severe when I was young and this seriously affected my ability to concentrate at school. I was distracted by common symptoms of eczema like pain and itching.

Subsequently I wasn't able to retain much information and I'd worry during exams - and worry brought about more eczema.

A Never Ending Cycle

During the cold months the skin on my fingers at the joints used to split and bleed so it was not uncommon for me to have bandages on eight fingers.

Having eczema was embarrassing as I had to explain to every other kid at school what it was and that it wasn't contagious. Writing with fingers bound in bandages was difficult and slow and often reopened the sores on the fingers…  It was a never ending cycle.

Joining in the swimming class or just being in shorts and t-shirt for physical education was not pleasant , as the eczema on the backs of my knees and creases at the elbow were exposed for all to see.

Also sweating from exercising inflamed my sores. Teachers never asked me if I was o.k. to participate.
I was even placed in a lower class for kids with learning problems. My mother was furious about this as the school didn't understand or just didn't want to.

Luckily things are better now, even when my eczema hasn't gone completely, but I've learnt to live with it. There are also much better options for treatment nowadays.

Still , having eczema affected my confidence, school work, my participation and my self image. It's what inspired me to start this website dedicated to providing honest information about eczema.

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