Importance Of Exercise

Importance of exercise
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What is the importance of exercise for people with eczema? Getting the right amount of exercise is important for everyone, but those who have eczema can experience beneficial effects for their skin, when they take the time to get the exercise that they need.

Many people with eczema avoid exercise due to lack of proper knowledge or even because they are ashamed of exposing their body. Yet, exercise can help decrease the amount of flare-ups you have, while also increasing the speed of healing.

Misconception regarding Eczema and Exercise

Many people who have eczema are told that they should avoid sweating as much as possible, as the sweat that occurs can cause the skin to react and a flare-up to occur.

It is true that sweat can aggravate the skin when certain steps are not taken to avoid a flare-up. Excessive showering can also cause the condition to react. On the other hand, not getting the exercise that you need can actually cause adverse side effects, and you'll see flare-ups occur more often.

By taking the steps needed to prevent flare-ups from occurring while exercising, you can get the best of both worlds.

Benefits of Exercise for Eczema

  • It reduces stress hormones that build-up within the body and may trigger flare-ups.
  • Exercise improves the rate in which your skin receives oxygen, which is a very important element for healthy skin, in people with or without the condition.
  • Exercise also improves blood flow, which is vital for a healthy complexion and a reduction in eczema flare-ups.

How to Exercise with Eczema

You need to practice good skin hygiene in order to prevent flare-ups from occurring after exercising.

Choosing a soap that does not irritate the skin will allow you to remove the sweat without causing a flare-up. You'll also want to use a moisturizer that allows your skin to stay hydrated, but also does not cause it to become inflamed.

While exercising, choosing light-weight clothing that allows the skin to breathe will reduce the amount of sweating that occurs, as will exercising in small intervals, rather than completing a whole routine at once.

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