Hydroxyzine For Eczema

When itching occurs with eczema, the medication Hydroxyzine may be used as a form of treatment that can help with this specific symptom.

How It Works

Eczema can often cause high levels of intense itching. The itchy sensation can be difficult to deal with, and cause disturbances in a person's life, such as effecting their ability to sleep at night if they should experience the itching during sleeping hours.

Hydroxyzine is a medication that is sometimes prescribed to treat anxiety. It works by creating histamines within the body, as it contains both a sedative and an antihistamine.

Histamines are important for those who have eczema, as they work to block out the itching that can occur with a flare-up. The drug Hydroxyzine also allows the person who takes it to relax, as it stops the brain from releasing certain chemicals, and helps the body to relax.

Due to the fact that this medication can cause the person who is taking it to become sleepy, it is often used prior to going to bed at night, and for cases where the eczema flare-up is causing sleep disturbances to occur.

The allergy aspect of this medication works by binding to the cells found within the body. When you have an allergic reaction, the histamine created within your body attaches to the cells, and this causes the symptoms that occur, such as sneezing and itchy skin.

By binding with the cells, the medication will be able to stop the normal attachment process, and replace the binding action that takes place during a flare-up from eczema.

How Hydroxyzine Helps Eczema

Those who have eczema have extra cells within the skin that lead to an allergic reaction. While the skin is typically able to heal rather quickly when met with an allergic reaction, those with eczema are unable to heal quickly, and this results in the outbreak and inflammation.

By using this drug, the body will be able to help stop a flare-up from occurring in the first place by changing the cells reaction, or help to reduce the uncomfortable side effects that occur when a flare-up does happen.

You cannot prevent a flare-up all together, but by managing your symptoms you can experience less discomfort when they do occur. Your doctor will be able to determine if hydroxyzine is a good treatment choice for your needs, and the length of time this type of treatment will be used, such as prior to a flare-up or only when a flare-up has already occurred.

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