Gaining Self Confidence

Here are 8 reasons why gaining self confidence will be beneficial for children with eczema.

As with any situation in life, people who have eczema often have the need to be self-confident and self-sufficient. Children with eczema may have a low self-esteem level because they are used to getting treated badly and socially ostracized.

Gaining self confidence
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  1. Pinpoint the child's strengths and what he or she is confident doing.
  2. Create a list of what sports and activities are appealing to the child or teenager.
  3. Offer encouragement to keep the child positive. Try to minimize negative comments and avoid discussing the bullying or the eczema.
  4. Provide feedback that will enhance the child's experience and not make them get discouraged. This will help increase self-esteem.
  5. Make sure exercise is part of the routine, so the child or teenager can release stress and build more endorphins, which are hormones that induce a feeling of good well-being and calmness.
  6. Encourage the child or teenager to discuss the areas where they would like to change or focus on.  By doing this, he or she will feel some control over making a decision.
  7. Adopt a healthy talk system. When a child or teenager tries to say something bad about themselves, counteract the situation with some positive talk. This will encourage him or her to develop good self-talk habits.
  8. Laugh at yourself as part of the routine to gain self-confidence. When you can laugh and push through a difficult situation, the child will feel good about his or herself and want to continue this positive feeling. 

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