Eyelid Dermatitis

Eyelid dermatitis is actually one of the most common conditions of the eyes, and it is also one of the most common eczema disorders.

The reason this condition occurs in the eye area is because the skin thickness of the eyelids is only about 10 percent of the other areas of the face. Also, the eyes are commonly rubbed by the hand, which leads to contamination of the area. Eyelid dermatitis can be quite uncomfortable, and affect a person's self-image. However, with the right treatment, the condition can clear up in no time.


There are two different types of dermatitis on the eyelids: one is caused by outside irritations and the other caused by an infection of the eye. When it is caused by irritants, the thin layer of the skin allows products to penetrate the area at a rapid rate. The eyes are designed to keep out irritants, but when substances come into contact with the eyelid, the normal flushing method of protection does not work.

  • Irritants -The most common cause is use of cosmetics or other irritants coming in contact with the eye, such as cologne spray mist that rises to the area of the eye.
  • Infection - When an infection is the cause of eczema on the eyelids, germs get into the eye from contaminated hands. After the microorganisms come in contact with the eye, bacteria will grow and multiply, resulting in eyelid dermatitis. An infection can also occur due to airborne particles.


Those who have this type of eczema may experience several symptoms, including:

  • Discoloration - A red coloring around the eye, which occurs on the eyelids, and also to the area under the eye, which causes it to appear as a red circular rash.
  • Bumps - The eyelid and eye area may have small bumps present, and the amount of bumps depends on the severity of the condition.
  • Itchy - The eye may also become itchy, which can lead to further irritation due to infection from rubbing the eyes with your hands.
  • Dryness - The eyelid may also be very dry, with a scaly appearance.


In order to effectively treat eyelid dermatitis, the cause for the condition must first be detected. If make-up caused the condition to occur, due to sensitivity to the product, it is first recommended that the product is avoided in order to stop further irritation. Antibiotics, topical creams, and steroid creams are also effective form of treatment for eyelid dermatitis.

Practical Tips

Preventing dermatitis on the eyelids can be done by:

  • Washing the hands frequently
  • Avoiding contact with the eyes when possible
  • Removing eye make-up - For those who wear make-up, it is recommended that the eye products be thrown away and replaced with new ones once every two months in order to prevent the spread of germs to the eye area.

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