Eczema Triggers

If you know how to avoid the most common eczema triggers, you can prevent flare-ups from occurring.

Eczema often occurs when your skin or body is met with something called an allergen. While an allergic reaction can occur in many, the rash that appears will often disappear rather quickly.

What is an Eczema Flare-Up?

While those with eczema can experience a flare-up at any time, even if known allergens are avoided. Certain items are known for causing the flare-ups to occur, and anyone who has eczema is often suggested to avoid contact with the items. A flare-up occurs when you come in contact with something that irritates the skin, and it causes the skin to become red, patchy, itchy, scaly, and inflamed.
Eczema occurs because your skin has more cells on it that cause an allergic reaction to occur than others. While some people may come in contact with something that irritates the skin, their skin has a barrier that will stop a rash from occurring.

However, when excess cells are present, the contact can cause the skin to flare-up almost immediately. While it is impossible to avoid contact with all possible causes of a flare-up, taking the steps to prevent contact with those that are known to cause a flare-up to occur for you will help to greatly reduce the amount of flare-ups that you encounter.

Common Eczema Triggers

Some common causes of flare-ups include:

  • soap or bubble bath with a strong fragrance - using a non-fragranced soap will help prevent an outbreak.
  • other chemicals, for example those used for washing clothing.
  • fabrics used for clothing, often synthetic materials
  • foods that release histamine into your skin - allergy testing might help you find out which foods to think of.
  • your immune system, particularly if it is weakened by infections.

Unlike the typical rash that can occur, an eczema flare-up will stay for a longer period of time, and many people experience an uncomfortable sensation when a flare-up does occur. In order to prevent a flare-up from occurring, you should avoid any of the common triggers, along with any items you are known to be allergic to.

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