Eczema Soap

For eczema sufferers, there are some types of soap that can be used without leaving behind irritation or residue.

When a young child or teenager has eczema, there must be some care taken and provided, to protect and prevent any more damage to skin from the scratching associated with this condition.

In the beginning, many eczema sufferers will continue to wash the skin repeatedly, hoping that this will wash away the patches and dry skin.  However, repeated washing or bathing draws more water out of the skin and further irritates the dry and abused surface.

Soap for Regular Washing

Because we touch everything with our hands, people with eczema are at a huge disadvantage when they touch something or rub up against a rough surface. When eczema is referred to as "contact dermatitis," the patient must try to avoid contact that could have caused the outbreak on the skin. Most contact dermatitis cases are due to the soap or cleanser being used.

Hand soap for people with eczema include:

  • Soap that is free from fragrance or dyes.
  • Mild, very mild soap, such as Lever 2000.
  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal soaps work well, but make sure there are no added chemicals listed as an ingredient.
  • Choose soap with a moisturizer.

Get Back To the Basics:  Baby Soap

Babies have very delicate skin, and medical professionals promote using a gentle soap when washing the baby or washing those precious baby outfits. Here are tips when choosing the best baby soap:

  • Find a baby soap that is fragrance, dye, and chemical free.
  • Make sure the soap has added moisture barrier, to keep water from being depleted from the skin.
  • Don't rub the hands with soap. Instead, gently massage the hands with soap to not irritate the skin.
  • Products and baby soaps for eczema sufferers include Vaseline, Yardley of London, Aveeno, and eco-friendly soaps containing no harsh chemicals.

Choose Earth Products Help Eczema

Besides reaching into your cabinet or heading to the store to browse the products for eczema, there is another soap that is a popular favorite for individuals with psoriasis and eczema. Soap made into a mud-type substance with dead sea salts is spread on the skin like a protective layer. After the substance is washed off, the skin is protected and nourished. without stripping the skin of water and much needed moisture.

Body Washes

Besides regular hand washing, bathing and showering can affect eczema sufferers.  For shower time, young children and teenagers can use:

  • Liquid Castile Soap
  • Products with shea butter
  • Oil of Olay Ultra products
  • Eco-friendly shower gels

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