Eczema Prevention

Eczema is a skin condition also known as dermatitis. Although it is more common than many realize, it is often difficult for people to deal with because they feel as if they are the only ones suffering from it.

Prevention is the best method of action available for reducing the amount of flare-ups that occur with eczema.

Can You Prevent Eczema?

Eczema occurs when you have an increased number of cells present on your skin that react to allergens. Once you have the first outbreak occur, dermatitis will cause you to experience outbreaks throughout your life.

While it is impossible to prevent eczema in the first place, there are preventive measures available that will aid you in reducing the amount of flare-ups that do occur, which will allow you to keep the condition dormant. The most frustrating aspect of having eczema is the flare-ups, as these issues cause the skin to become red, inflamed, and itchy, but when you take the steps needed to reduce your flare-ups, you'll experience them less often.

Also, you will not have to use additional treatment measures to help relieve the symptoms that occur when a flare-up does happen.

How to Prevent a Flare-up

First determine if there are any allergies that you have which can lead to a flare-up.
The detection of allergies is done through two forms of skin allergy testing. The first form is done as a basic test, which allows your doctor to determine which specialized tests need to be used to determine specific allergies.

For example, if you show signs of an allergic reaction to dust, this allergy will be tested for specifically during the challenge testing process. If you do have a specific allergy, all contact with this item must be stopped to prevent flare-ups from occurring.

Other than an individual allergy, there are different items that are known to be common triggers, and the use of substitute items is generally recommended for those who have eczema.

For example, soap is known to cause a flare-up due to the different chemicals present in the detergent. Therefore, replacing the soap with a non-fragranced bar can help to prevent an outbreak. Your physician can give you more information on the common causes of flare-ups, as well as steps you can take to avoid contact with them.

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