Eczema Creams That Work

Proper moisturizing using eczema creams plays an important role in keeping eczema breakouts at bay, as well as dealing with them once they occur.

Eczema creams keep you hydrated
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The current school of thought on the probable causes of eczema suggests that its most common type, atopic dermatitis, happens in relation to an immune system that tends to overreact when in contact with certain foreign substance. It is also the inability of the skin to retain water caused by a hereditary genetic mutation.

Water is vital in most of the processes in the body, and dry skin can't perform its function in the correct way. Dry skin is more prone to cracking, which in turn lessens the skin's protective capacities and allows foreign substances, such as various allergens, bacteria and fungi, to penetrate the skin and cause an allergic reaction or an inflammation.

Moisturizers for Eczema

People with eczema can have scaly skin, redness, itching, and blisters as symptoms, but above all, the skin will be dry. That loss of water is usually countered by applying moisturizers that help the skin retain its natural moisture. Moisturizers come in three varieties: ointment, creams, and lotions. Ointments are the greasiest moisturizers, while lotions are too watery and they evaporate easily because they have water as their main ingredient.

Creams are somewhere in between the two before mentioned. They are not as greasy as ointments and not as runny as lotions. They do a great job in keeping the skin hydrated, and they are best used immediately after washing on still moist skin.

There is also another aspect about creams to consider. They can sometimes contain perfumes and other substances that keep the ingredients from separating. Both of those can cause a reaction when in contact with sensitive skin, and skin affected by eczema is certainly sensitive.

This is why it's important to choose a good cream to use on the skin affected by eczema, one that doesn't have perfumes and doesn't include other substances that can cause further irritation or other reactions.

Popular Eczema Creams

A number of creams are readily available to help in dealing with eczema. They are usually sold over-the-counter, and the most popular among them are:

  • Neosporin - Eczema Essentials Daily Moisturizing Cream
  • Eucerin - Calming Creme or Original Cream
  • AVEENO - Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream
  • Vanicream - Moisturizing Skin Cream
  • Triple Cream

Another type of creams is also used to treat eczema - steroid creams. They are topical preparations of steroids that help in reducing inflammation and itching. These should, however, only be used for a short time and only when advised by a doctor, due to their skin-thinning side effects after longer usage. They are not prescribed for every case of eczema, as most will clear up just fine without them.

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