Doxepin in Treatment of Eczema

Doxepin (also known as Prudoxin or Sinequan) is a treatment option that is available for eczema. But does it work?

When the skin becomes irritated and itchy from eczema, children and young adults find it very hard to keep from scratching or masking the red bumps that protrude on the surfaces of the body. Caregivers and parents will team up with medical professionals to improve the symptoms of eczema.
Doxepin works like an antihistamine in the body.  Histamine signals the start of an allergic process.

Side Effects

  • Drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • Dry mouth


  • Apply to affected areas as prescribed by physician.
  • No studies have been reported to indicate how Doxepin is used for children or elderly.
  • Most patients that are given Doxepin are young adults.


  • Notify a medical professional if the child or young adult is taking other medications or herbal remedies. Although serious side effects are unlikely to occur, it is best to check with a healthcare provider about any interactions that could interfere with the usage of Doxepin.
  • It can reduce the effectiveness of other medications, so alert a medical professional about the usage of this drug along with other medications.
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine when taking Doxepin. Alcohol can increase drowsiness.
  • Some medical problems can become worse when taking Doxepin such as glaucoma and urinary tract infections or blockages in the urinary tract.


Despite the ability to alleviate the itching associated with eczema, Doxepin has not been an effective treatment for eczema. Experts believe this is because it does not reduce the bumps or hives on the skin.

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