Concentration Exercises And Eczema

Concentration exercises are useful for people with eczema to keep their minds off of their skin condition. They reduce stress and allow them to rest and think about other things.

The mind wonders, and it's really hard at times to keep concentrated on a single object, thought, or problem. It might be even harder to concentrate on not thinking about something, especially if it's itchy and can cause people to feel embarrassed. Eczema is one such thing.

Eczema is a skin condition in which the skin becomes red, dry, cracks, and develops blisters. The skin can become scaly and can be followed by fluid discharge and even bleeding if scratched. The itching is the symptom that can keep occupying people's minds.

Emotional Effects of Eczema

Because it is a skin condition, eczema can be visible if the affected part of the skin is not usually covered by clothes. People with eczema can be socially awkward and embarrassed because of it, especially if they are younger. Children and adolescents can be teased, which can cause stress and makes the condition worse.

Shame is a common emotion among children and adolescents that are being made fun of because of eczema. The condition is not their fault. Rather, it is not caused by poor hygiene and is not contagious.

It's no wonder that people with eczema can become overburdened and occupied by their condition. This where concentration exercises come in.

concentration exercises
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Counting Exercises

Everybody knows how to count, so that's too easy. But counting backwards requires more concentration, so starting from one hundred and going all the way back to one is a good exercise. If that's too easy, counting only even or odd numbers, every third, fourth or fifth number can be more challenging.

Counting can also be combined with walking. Counting the number of steps in a walk is easy, but counting the first five steps and then restarting and counting six steps, and then restarting and counting seven steps, and so on, will require more concentration.

Observation Exercises

Pick an object, any object. The object should then be described in detail. The shape, the color, the weight, everything that can be observed about the object should be noted in the description. Whilst you were describing the object, were you thinking about the itching? So overcoming the urge to scratch and thinking about something else is an important part of the exercise. It teaches how to clear the mind, which is important. After describing the object and just looking at it, close the eyes and try to visualize it in detail.

These exercises should help with blocking the eczema symptoms thing from occupying every single moment of waking time. The exercises themselves can help relieve stress, and the ability to think about other things will also decrease stress. That will, hopefully, help with the eczema and make the uncomfortable condition as tolerable as possible. 

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