Benefits of Relaxation for Children
with Eczema

What are the benefits of relaxation for children that suffer from eczema? Let's find out.

When a child is being bullied, caregivers, teachers, and healthcare professionals try to help by encouraging methods to cope with this troublesome situation. One method to help children and teenagers is by encouraging relaxation.

The way to encounter relaxation is to reverse the effect of the "fight or flight response" on the body.  "Fight or flight response" is the body's natural ability to react to stimuli that causes a person to stand up and fight or run away from the situation. Instead of fighting or fleeing, children who are bullied should be taught to evoke a "relaxation response."

Children and teenagers that have become victims from bullying because of their eczema need to have an outlet that will help them get on the road to being happy and healthy. There are many benefits of relaxation, which can help children and teenagers learn alternatives of taking care of their bodies and themselves both physically, mentally and socially.

Promotes the Relaxation Response

Benefits of relaxation
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Created in the 1970s by Harvard cardiologist Herbert Benson, the "relaxation response" is a method of stress reduction. When the body is exposed to a stressor, the person should try to move into a state of relaxation. If a child practices going into a relaxed state, while dealing with the stress from bullying because of eczema, he or she may see an increased improvement from stress and feel the warmth of self-esteem flood over them. The relaxation response includes:

  • Decrease in heart and breathing rate
  • Feeling of relaxation in tense muscles
  • Heightened sense of alertness

Benefits of Relaxation - Relief of Symptoms and Pain Control

Not only does relaxation help reduce the stress that can aggravate eczema, but it can also help with pain control. Relaxation helps control many symptoms or conditions where stress can have a direct impact on pain, asthma, psoriasis, anxiety, and depression. Symptoms relaxation relieves include:

  • Rapid heartbeat - Reduces the heart rate, so the heart does not have to work faster when it is exposed to a stressor like bullying.
  • Insomnia - Help to control disturbances in sleep patterns and promotes sleep.
  • Digestive woes - Aids in problems with digestion and other digestive disorders.


While relaxation can benefit anyone, children and teenagers need to exercise caution because these methods can cause them to regress. The victim may regress back to painful or hurtful memories or events that they have buried deep to avoid facing. Patience and time can help children and teenagers get through a painful experience and help get them on the right track to being healthy and happy.

After relaxation techniques have been shown to children and teenagers, they can also feel comfortable in doing them on their own. As the benefits of relaxation are clear, parents and caregivers should continue to encourage the child or teen to practice the techniques to maintain the progress that they have made.

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