Allergy Testing If You Have Eczema

allergy testing
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Your doctor might perform allergy testing to help them determine the cause of your eczema. This way, your physician can find the best method of treatment for the flare-ups that occur with eczema.

Initial Testing

Prior to testing for allergies, your doctor will first help you to determine if the rash on your skin is a typical rash that will clear up on its own, or if the rash could be caused by eczema.

The doctor will use different questions to determine the condition of the rash, which include:

  • how long the rash has been present
  • if the rash had appeared in the same location in the past
  • if the skin where the rash appeared in the past in thicker in texture.

The doctor will also examine the rash prior to testing, as eczema often appears to be dry, flaky, and red in appearance. If the initial test leads your doctor to think you may have eczema, the doctor will generally use your medical history and allergy testing for eczema as the next step towards determining the right method of treatment for your needs.


After the initial questions are answered, your doctor may ask about any allergies you've experienced throughout your life. These questions will help them to determine which areas should be tested for first.

For example, if you've had a breakout occur in the past after coming in contact with a certain brand of soap, doing a skin test with the soap will determine which ingredient caused the reaction to occur, and this will allow you to avoid contact with this ingredient in the future.

If the testing shows the cause of your flare-ups, avoiding interaction with the material that caused the reaction can stop the flare-ups all together.

Challenge Testing

The first type of allergy test used is a basic procedure, which detects various possible allergies. This method allows your doctor to determine which forms of challenge testing should be used.

A challenge test for allergies is different from the standard testing process used. This form of testing is done by detecting your body's response to different possible allergens, which will help your doctor to find the exact cause of your outbreak. Then using an effective treatment method to stop the allergic reaction, such as the use of antihistamines if contact should occur.

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